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Root-Node Application

DLT media LLC is a Liechtenstein based company, registered with the Liechtenstein company registry under: FL-0002.662.237-8. We have our offices in the House of Blockchain in Liechtenstein. Our founder, managing partner and 100% Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) is Dr. Thomas Nägele, LL.M. (linkedin profile). Our sole shareholder is DLT media group Establishment, which is controlled by our UBO.

Thomas Nägele was a member of the Government workgroup of the Principality of Liechtenstein drafting the Liechtenstein TVTG (aka Blockchain Act). He teaches at several Universities around the globe and regularly publishes about new technologies via his blog: https://tokencontainermodel.com/. He wrote his PhD about:
"The Legal Natur of Tokens under Liechtenstein’s TVTG with special consideration of the Token Container Model { T }".

DLT media LLC represented by Thomas Nägele and happy to apply for a membership within the Q root node panel to contribute to the governance of Q Blockchain and the development of decentralized governance structures in general.

DLT media LLC 
Dr. Grass-Strasse 12
FL-9490 Vaduz
Fürstentum Liechtenstein (Party of the NY arbitration convention)

Managing Partner:
Dr. iur. Thomas Nägele, LL.M.

Tel. +423 237 60 67 

UID / Tax-ID
UID: CHE-435.676.714
FL MWST-Nr.: 62141

Mainnet Root Node:
Our Public Address is: 0x65999D1299896e93B99823341b41840EfA7A1734

Acceptance of constitution with hash: